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  • Радиоспорт - Радиолюбительство - Amateur Radio - Ham Resources

  •   Союзы, Клубы
  • Союз радиолюбителей России
  • Международный Радиоклуб "АРКТИКА" ("МРКА")
  • Сервер радиолюбителей России QRZ.ru
  • QRZ.com Home
  • Central Siberia DX-Club : Наш клуб

  •   DX Cluster Spots
  • dxwatch.com - web dx cluster
  • eHam.net DX Cluster Spots
  • DXSpotter - программа для работы в DX кластере

  •   Соревнования
  • Russian DX Contest
  • Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information
  • All Asian DX Contest
  • All MIE 33 Contest
  • Anatolian RTTY WW Contest
  • Asia-Pacific Sprint (JE1JKL)
  • Baltic Contest
  • Canada Day Contest
  • Canada Winter Contest
  • CIS DX Contest
  • Collegiate Championship (KA5WSS)
  • CQ World Wide DX Contest   ==> [Results]
  • CQ-WPX (N8BJQ)
  • Dutch PACC Contest
  • ES Open HF Championships (Estonian Radio Amateurs Union)
  • EU Sprint Contest
  • European DX-Contest (DL2DN)
  • IARU HF World Championship (IARU)
  • Japan International DX Contest (JIDX) (JE1CKA)
  • LZ DX Contest (BFRA)
  • Marconi Memorial Contest HF (IK6PTJ)
  • North American QSO Party (NCJ)
  • Oceania DX Contest
  • OK/OM DX Contest (RadioAmatér)
  • Ontario QSO Party (ODXA)
  • RSGB Commonwealth Contest
  • Russian DX Contest
  • Scandinavian Activity Contest
  • TOEC WW Grid Contest (SM3OSM)
  • Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge (K7RAT)
  • Worked All Germany (DARC)
  • WRTC-2002 (OH1NOA)
  • W/VE Islands Contest (United States Islands Awards Program)
  • YU DX Contest
  • 2 Radio Contesting (N6TR)
  • 10 Meter Contest Strategy (W2UP)
  • 15 Meters (N2NT)
  • 3830 Mailing List Archives
  • 3830@contesting.com FAQ
  • 3830 Score Submittal Forms
  • ARRL Contest Branch
  • ARRL Contester's Rate Sheet
  • The Band Edge- How Close is Too Close? (WV2B)
  • Big Guns (DJ7IK's links to major contest station home pages)
  • British Commonwealth Entities and Prefixes
  • Cabrillo Standard Summary Sheet Proposal V2.0 [official ARRL section abbeviations -- mandatory with Cabrillo format](Courtesy of N5KO)
  • Contest and DX Library (KA9FOX)
  • Contest Hints by K1AR (via CWP - Sao Paulo CW Group)
  • Contest Logging Programs (CT vs. Writelog) (W2UP)
  • Contest Score Rumors (N2RMZ/KA9FOX)
  • Contesting On-line
  • Contesting Reflector
  • CQ-Contest Reflector Archives
  • CQ-Contest Reflector FAQ
  • CT Country Files (AD1C)
  • CU2QSO A QSO-soliciting beacon system for VHF/UHF contesting
  • CW Sprinting - Beginners Guide (W4AN)
  • IOTA Contest Reflector A mailing list dedicated to discussion of topics related to the IOTA (Islands on the Air) Contests; you may subscribe; registered members may visit the List home page
  • Low Profile DX Contesting (K3ZV)
  • Multi 2 Operation (N3RS)
  • National Contest Journal (WA7BNM)
  • RSGB HF Contesting Guide
  • A Sleep Strategy for DX Contests (K5ZD)
  • Single Operator - Assisted Operation (K3WW)
  • SO2R Resources K8ND
  • Sprint Survival Web Page (N6TR)
  • UK Contesting Online
  • UK Postal Districts for RSGB Contests (GM4FDM)
  • Wires in Trees Tips, Techniques and Tribulations (N2EA)
  • World Contesting Bandplan VK4EMM All bands in one 160 Meters 80 Meters 40 Meters 20 Meters 15 Meters 10 Meters

  •   Дипломы
  • DXCC application form
  • RDA (Russian Districts Award) - международная дипломная программа

  •   Программное обеспечение
  • Программа для ведения аппаратного журнала любительской радиостанции UR5EGF
  • WT4I Contest Tools
  • Contest Country Files AD1C
  • CTk1ea
  • N1MM Logger
  • Amateur Radio Software N3FJP
  • SD ei5di
  • TR Log
  • UcxLog dl7ucx
  • Win-Test
  • WriteLog
  • TLF
  • Morse Runner VE3NEA

  •   Домашние страницы
  • Гончаренко Игорь Викторович, DL2KQ-EU1TT
  • Гончаренко Игорь Викторович, DL2KQ-EU1TT
  • Сайт коллективной радиостанции RK3AWL

  •   Англоязычные сайты
  • eHam.net is a community web site for amateur (ham) radio operators around the world

  • Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)
    Provides students the opportunity to talk with astronauts in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) while they orbit the Earth.
  • SM0FLY
    Offers information on ham-radio.
  • Shortwave Radio Listening
    Pointers on how to listen to shortwave more efficiently.
  • Internet Radio Nexus (IRN)
    Featuring excerpts from programs aired via IRRS-Shortwave.
  • Homebrew QRP is GUD 4 U
    Build your own QRP CW station. Information, blueprints, and price estimates.
  • Raper's Ham Radio Corner
    Covers the FCC, usenet newsgroups, callsign servers, ham licensing, and more.
  • Todd Emslie's TV-FM DX Page
    Features VHF DX via F2 and multi-hop sporadic E, DX logs, photos, articles, links, and more.
  • Australian QRP
    Resource for the low power (QRP) amateur radio enthusiast. Includes operating hints and information about equipment and homebrew rigs.
  • Transmitter Documentation Project
    Information on shortwave radio broadcast transmitters, antennas, tubes, and air-time.
  • Amateur Radio Tutorials and Projects
    Offering tutorials on the design and construction of amateur radio and electronic hobbyist projects and equipment.
  • VK3YE's Gateway to Amateur Radio
    Australian Internet resource for beginners to amateur radio.
  • eHAM.net
    Features news, articles, links, and resources.
  • QSL Net
    Web server for the amateur radio community.
  • DXZone, The
    Amateur and ham radio guide.
  • Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)
    Uses voice-over IP software to connect ham radio repeaters.
  • Electronics Tutorials
    Offers basic electronics tutorials in amplifiers, ham radio, filters, oscillators, power supply, receivers, transmitters, radio design, and electronics design.
  • DX-Tuners
    Client/server software for controlling computer controlled receivers over the Web using the TCP/IP protocol.
  • Stupid Scanner Tricks
    Radio portal covering scanner, ham, shortwave, CB, and more.
  • AA9PW.com
    Designed to allow practice for the FCC Radio and FAA Aviation licensing exams.
  • Ham Test Online
    Offers online practice tests in preparation for ham radio licenses.
  • Radio Amateur Ring
    Web ring for amateur radio web sites.
  • NEXUS-IBA (International Broadcasting Association)
    Broadcasting relay public shortwave radio to the world.
  • Yaesu FT-101 HF Transceiver Home Page
    Detailed information and history.
  • Amateur and Other Radio Hobbyist Links
    Links to popular amateur radio, shortwave, and other sources of radio hobby related information.
  • Hamquick.com
    Dedicated to teaching the interested public about the hobby. Access tutorials and tips on how to pass the FCC Technician and Morse Code License requirements.
  • Ham Gallery
    Photos of ham operators, ham shacks, antenna farms, and lots of links.
  • Hamswap.com
    Free classified ad service for amateur radio operators.
  • EME (Moonbounce) on VHF and UHF
    Transmitting radio waves on amateur radio bands to the moon and detecting the reflections using high quality antennas and receivers.
  • International Space Station Refernce: HAM Radio
    Provides an overview of the amateur radio operations aboard the ISS, including callsigns, frequencies, and a history of amateur radio use in space flight.
  • Museum of Radio and Technology
    Featuring antique radios and TVs, 1936 5 kilowatt broadcast transmitter, and amateur radio displays.
  • Virtual Collins Radio Museum
    Amateur radio for New York City.
  • Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
  • Radio Amateurs of Canada
    Radio Amateurs of Canada Official Web Page Official Bandplans for Canada, membership info and much more.
  • Free Radio Berkeley
    Providing information for the micropower broadcasting community worldwide.
  • Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
    Promotes the amateur radio hobby, allowing millions of people worldwide to communicate with each other.
  • Royal Union Of Belgian Amateur Radio (UBA)
    Member of the IARU.
  • USKA Sektion St. Gallen
  • Yankee Clipper Contest Club
  • Irish Radio Transmitter Society (IRTS)
    Member Society for Ireland of the International Amateur Radio Union.
  • Associated Radio
    Buys and sells amateur radio equipment from vintage to state of the art.
  • Ottawa Amateur Radio Club Packet Working Group
  • Telephone Pioneer Amateur Radio Club
  • Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society
    Details of membership, nets, awards, and latest news.
  • Dallas Amateur Radio Club
  • Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club (CLARC)
  • Houston AMSAT Net
    Live feed is available via commercial satellite and RealAudio.
  • Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (SARTS)
  • Ken's Electronics
    Parts and repair books for scanners and CBs.
  • Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club
    News related to club activities and access to the club newsletter online.
  • Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society
  • New Zealand Radio DX League
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